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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Where We Start

For the first time in our lives
We stepped out sweetly softly
Stretching eyes to the east
Over the sea in the sunset

The wind blew your curly hair
I wish to walk to the end, with you
A girl that I'm going to be with
But I never found the right woman

Where we start is where we end
We walk ourselves weary, you and I
It's just a moment, meeting you
Now I waits for someone to return

What done is done and a day is gone
Feels like I am in a solid fire
Suddenly, sweetly, strangely she lifted her eyes
She go far away from me, gone and disappear

Today is done and tomorrow will come
We fold up the clothes, it's time to go
Back to the old time, back to the past
Home again, and I'm home again.

Saturday, October 6, 2012


Remember when we were knew
We're both smile and cry
He waited for your letter
Each day the morning comes

And you sent him a short note
With a single word by waves
He fell down to the floor
Each day when the bell's rang

Nobody knows what inside yours
But he know what it was
You're down in the shadow
Of yesterday's triumph of love

Nobody knows where you are
How near or how far
He want to reach in there
And he cried for the moon

[Lady] :
Come on you banker
You see of my visions,
Come on you checker,
You laughter, you sweeter and shine!

If he bring you a bunch of flowers
Will you take it soon
If those flowers are getting down
Will you give him time to fix it?

[Boy] :
Come on you boy child,
You winner and loser,
Come on you stranger,
You dreamer, you learner and shine!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Spin Me Out of Control

It has been so long
I didn't come back
But last week I did
I came home again

She sent me a note
But I don't care anyway
I won't get close to her
Because we're not longer

She's just like a hotel
And every girls are same
They would comes and goes
Like check in and out of hotel

I am not afraid to fall in love
And it's never cross my mind
I was just afraid to fall in love
For the wrong person again

If faith told me you're my world
I'll never run away like I does
But I think you're good enough for me
And ain't dangerous to me like everyone does

It's true, you are real and will you come back to me?
I can taste the tension like a cloud of smoke in the air
Breath like I'm running cause you're taking me there
Don't you know... you spin me out of control.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Broken Window

There's a lot I wanna tell ya
But I don't know where to start
Big night, big game, hard time
It's never come easily

I used to be a frightened one
Wish no one couldn't know
What I felt inside my heart
This would soon be ending

It hurts so much inside
The things I never felt before
Feels like I want to scream
Wanna let all the hurt gone

I'm dreaming a lie
Makes me wanna die
Vanish like eating pie
Will be my hell to stay!

Only thing I feel now is pain
Like torturing my souls
Like you broke the window of mine
You should feel like I felt in those day.

Friday, August 17, 2012

King of Terror

Risen of the King of Terror
By his tongue he seduce a great troops
Anybody who keep talking about them
Will get caught and tortured

Injustice in the country
Hidden everything in behind
Peoples wake up from sleep
And they will swim in blood

Money is a root of evil nowadays
From the blood of one of the victims
Spreading promises which is empty
And keep telling all the lies around

What is right would be the wrong
Who was right would be to blamed
Justice is a subject in this phrases
Forced them to get out of parliament.!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Labuhan Mimpi

Satu malam sebelum terbitnya fajar
Dalam lena aku dibuai keenakan
Hampir separa malam aku belayar
Namun terkandas jua di pusaran

Secara tiba mimpi datang berlabuh
Menunjukkan aku pada satu petunjuk
Ku tolak ia agar pergi jauh
Namun tak pergi malah pelik dan unik

Aku akur pada pemberian Ilahi
Lenyap dari pandangan separa
Linang air mata basahi pipi
Tak lagi bisa aku berpura

Ku hubungkan duniaku ke dunianya
Tersemai persahabatan yang elok
Syukur aku dikenalkan tahfiz muda
Segala kongsian ilmu tak pula kekok

Gugup jantung pinta ampunan Yang Esa
Mengenang dosa lampau nan kegelapan
Dia pertunjukkan jalan yang lurus padaNya
Agar kembali taat dan sujud pada Tuhan.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Freedom & Justice!

There's nothing to judge by the color
And nothing to win by hating each other
No right to speak and no right to fight
Nothing's change if we still stay that way

The poor is always be the same
While the rich keep winning their game
And who are we?
It's a mystery but still human being

Racist bastard still having to say
Are there to judge by the color?
Are there to win by hating each other
It cause fight racism and we must unite

Doesn't matter if you black or white
It's not your color that makes it right
Open up your eyes and see at your country
That big brothers turn their backs on us

It's not disorder that we want
And yet it is no anarchy
We need freedom and justice
We want to be free like the flying bird.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Finally Fall

You came into my life
My world suddenly turns crazy
But now everything was changed
You're not someone I know like before

You left me behind with one shot
I may never find all the answer
I may never understand why
The times are changing fast

Perfectly clear how the pain was
Broken heart, of course it was
But it's alright for me right now
Because I am no longer here on earth

Screaming in frustration
My dream is my dream
I'll scream and I'll scream
Writing the story of a life I didn't know

Burning inside, the lights go down
The sacred fire is spreading over the body
Destroying all, so hard to seen
I finally fall to the ground...

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Losing Love

See the man with a broken heart
Walking in the darkest street
Don't know what she done to him
All I know the time has taken everything

Am I gonna cry? still missing you
Am I gonna wasting my time? No more
Rebirth, still fresh like before
As the sun comes out from the day

Who are we, it is a mystery
But I know who I am
Someone who losing in love
Past give me happiness and pain

The game never ends
Go on without saying
Driven blindly by our sins
And I'm ready for shaking hands.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Perang Tanpa Tuju

Perang itu satu keganasan
Bercanggah dari tamadun
Sejarah dahulu kala
Mengajar kita semua 
Untuk hidup bersatu
Apakah kita lupa?
Dendam yang tak lusuh dari akal
Menumpahkan darah tanpa  sesal
Mengibar bendera di bumi orang lain
Hidup bak sekadar satu peluang
Peluru antara hidup dan sebaliknya
Apa yang kita dapat dari itu?

Monday, July 23, 2012

This Is Feels Of Love

You claim that you don't like him
And that all you want is me
But I think you would understand
If you see what I see

You see the way I look at you 
The way I always stare at you
Because I want to be more and more
But cannot tell why I fall in love.. with you

And I can tell that I likes you
And I want to be more than now
I just hope it won't turn out the same 
Like the way it did before

I don't want the wasted love anymore
I never want you to leave, never
Wasting love all for who?
All I want is your love, never ending.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Hugo - The Great Man

In a small lovely town
In an old railway station
And up the tower wall
There he lives, with no one

Hugo seems so lonely
Hugo seems unhappy
No one care with his life
And he touched me

His families died long time ago
Lives as a stranger in the dark
Getting food like a thief
He cried, he sad, lonely...

And all I can see is sadness
He being tried to tell stories
But everybody won't listen
All he can do is sit and crying

And he said to me
"If we lose our purpose,
It's like we're broken."
Imagined how his life's going

He is so talented, fixing machines
Til' he met someone he never meet
Returned of what belongs to the old
The moon with a pencil in the eyes

A brave young man dressed in black
That an old man stood up in a stage
Throwing Hugo with the beautiful words
And that was the happiest days of his lives.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Restless Soul

In the silence night of Sunday
I can see the shadow of the moon
But there's nothing meant to me
Cos' they would make me blind

In my heart and in my eyes
In my soul there's no sign of love
I screams, can you hear the screaming?
When my restless soul is dying

Still think how to treat your heart
And to become immortalized
Your final words caught by the wind
Never to be heard again

I know some men fed you with his words
Everyday I prays to show me a sign
Just want to be with you, it's not a game
Just like when the sun and moon unite

As the moon walk through the nights
Smoothly comes and goes
And I know that my days are number
Getting older and I'll be gone someday.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Angin Rindu

 Disaat menulis puisi ini (Me, when writing this poem)

Saatku pejamkan mata ini
Rindu kian menusuk kalbu
Menyapa jiwa yang tersepi
Diantara angin malam syahdu

Tiap hembusan nafas yang ku hela
Terbayang rupamu yang menawan
Melayang tinggi andai dapat bersama
Sejenak aku tersenyum mengelamun

Setinggi gunung aku berterbangan
Cari dirimu antara awan dan rembulan
Namun seperlahan suara tak kedengaran
Terhempas jua aku di pusaran sepian

Hampa menyelinap perlahan ke kamar hati
Menenggelamkanku dalam lautan seksa
Menghempas jauh dari langit malap yang tinggi
Cinta tulus ini yang tak pernah ku rasa

Andai kata pujangga dirimu itu sudah dimiliki
Pengharapan dalam satu layar penantian
Hati ini menangis... teriris dek torehan di hati
Kerna terlena dalam rindu yang tak kesampaian

Di tengah malam yang gelap gelita dan sunyi sepi
Ku lontarkan satu salam padamu melalui sang bayu
Dengan harapan agar bawa salam itu padamu di hati
Kernaku hanya... ingin kirimkan sebuah nada rindu.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Every Time I Look At You

I am twenty-one and it was just a dream
I was going blind with an unknown lady
I never wanted to let you get inside my heart
Thought it wouldn't matter, if it just a part

I've been to east and south and I like best
And every that damn things are complicating
Seem to come easily and it's easy to see
And I just been used as a token for her collection

But now the time seems just changing my destiny
Wish to what is begun would never be ending
Cos every time I look at you oh pretty woman
No one can make me feel the way that you do

But I know my narrow never get inside your heart
It was only my daydream and it's a wasted time
But I wanna let you know, every time I look at you
No one can make me feel the way that you do

Oh girl it's true you made my heart's opened
And every time I look at you
Make you look just like a queen
Cos' you're everything to me...

Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Little Time In Train

Train  of Malaysia

I've always been stuck in railway station
There's an unsatisfied behind these eyes
Sometimes I get tired of the waiting
Sometimes I get tired of being in here 

My drink's gone cold at this hottest day
So I took a ride in this coldest train
I can't keep my eyes from the circling skies
I looked around and search the sky

Then that girl walked up straight through
In the aisle of the train and sat beside me
No words to talk, unspoken and pretty quite
My tongue's tight like a stone at the beachside

So what can I do, I can't think what to say
I wanna ask but I don't know where to start
There she waits and looking so very angry
And don't know what I'd do if you walked away

I tried to make you talk and it was working anyway
Tried to say I'm sorry, didn't mean to disturbing you
It's gonna take a little time to knowing you and I
Cos' I thought I have something more to say to you

As the time counted out and it's time for me to go
Asking you the machine name and you gave it to me
Cos' my wish it might not last the day we've meet
Door's opened so it was over and I am off to go.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Tale Of Ours In The Ocean

We are so close to the beach
As we held hands each other
On that deep blue sea we were floated
Joyful and vanished our sorrows

The ocean crashing against the rocks
Very nice, never thought about them
It's so fun too play in the sands
Just like what we called 'run away'

We are so close to the beach
As we held hand each other
That deep blue sea we're floated
Together we diving into the sea

Hanging on to this sweet memory
And the water can't cover the memory
Through the window in the wall
I let them flew straight to the moon

I wonder why it happens so fast
You leave me far away from here
And I'm still here waiting for you
To go to the beach once again

Our life is no longer in this world
So I write down these all words
I want to ride the skies tonight
Cos' I still waiting for sleep.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Night In Pirates Palace

 Black Tip (Pirate's Bay)

Remember that night
Cold wind blow touched my hair
The echo of a distant time
Comes willowing across the sand


Strangers passing in the beach
While I walked in front of them
And so I saw my friends behind
Which took a walk in here too

We took a rest and went to the Black Tip
Took shisha and burns the Marlboro
Watching girls laid down upon the sand
And the rest got plan as they planned

We were enjoying the bright moonlight
Loudest music of a group of anonymous English
English men and women got climax in the dance
Amused themselves playing game for a while

My friends still sitting upon the sands
Pulled me to get to the top of Black Tip
Inviting and inciting me to rise
To somewhere I can't name no names

Even though the shorted time we have had
There is something that I've locked away
A memory I keep was chapters unfinished
And now it`s calling me back to my home.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Ulitan Perhentian

  Di Jeti Kuala Besut

Angin nan membuai melata
Di lautan ombak membadai
Dilamun rasa tenang menggila
Cutian ini nikmat aku kecapi

Keeratan yang tak terhingga kini
Bersama mengecapi nikmat cuti
Buaian laju dek angin pantai ini
Merapatkan kami di pulau sini

Laut China Selatan kami rentasi
Bersama mendalami dasar laut
Bersama berenang dan berlari
Dihati pulau ini kini kian terpaut

 Dilautan Pulau Perhentian

Bergambar, lepak dan melompat
Bersama-sama, amat mempesona
Hari ini, mereka tidak lagi dekat
Terputus sebentar walaupun lama

Memori bersamamu di Perhentian
Amat bermakna dan terselit dikalbu
Membuatkan aku kini diulit kenangan
Ku tatapi foto bersamamu tanpa jemu.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Angkara Monyet

Ia sejuk di padang pasir
Dan ruang pula terlalu besar
Tali hidup menjadi terlalu pendek
Dan dinding pula terlalu tebal

Mencaci dan memperolok-olokan
Memperkecilkan lalu dicacinya kita
Memukul dengan menggunakan batang
Dan meratakan rumah-rumah semua

Lihatlah dunia ini wahai sahabatku
Yang penuh dengan limpahan darah
Serata bumi di tanah-tanah rata
Yang penuh akan pedihan sengsara

Anak kecil ini ketakutan, sakit terhiris
Perginya ayah dan ibu dari dunia
Di bedil oleh rejim monyet yang ganas
Memusnahkan segalanya yang ada

Ambil dan peganglah anak ini dengan dekat
Selamatkan dari pemerintah yang ganas itu
Spesis monyet yang gilakan kekuasaan
Seperti presiden yang bodoh di Tebing itu.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Ma Vie !


You can call me Silencer. It’s not my real name. It came from a book I wrote as I was 19,  “Silencer On The Field” and also the friends of mine gave me. Paper flap long gone, it had a red hardback cover and book antiqua texture. It was possibly my very first book I wrote. Funny, I can’t recall what is it was about. The only thing I remember is the name – Silencer. I never wished it was mine, and now it is.


Imagine me if you must, as someone you once knew. Someone perhaps you liked or better yet, imagine me as you. As a kid I was top of my class, I studied in the aircraft school. It was not because I liked studying, but because I realized that an education was my best shot at getting out. See, my failure time dropped me in a small world of a town. There wasn’t anything wrong with it. As far as boring towns go, I was sure I left behind. I had friends, but I always felt alone. No one ever left, but I wasn’t gonna die here. As much as I loved him, I didn’t want to be anything like my dad. He seemed so busy on his job. Like the smart men, I also want to make my own history in my life, be an aircraft engineer, or it’s known as an LAE (License Aircraft Engineer). As my dad, consonants were his life. He was a headmaster, and I guess he had never expected me to take over the business he had built. He had said, “Be what you want to be.” I had other plans, no one knows what I really wanna be before – a pilot. There was an old man in front of the mini market, sitting down in a long chair under the tree. He was shocked when I announced I wanted to be a pilot. Never say to anyone, it would put me into the deep hole. But I just realized, it is too late for that. So I changed my options, I wanted to be an aircraft engineer. Even though I cannot fly the airplane, I still can works with it. It is the reason I become an engineer. The sky is always bluest on the space, at least according to me. That’s why I am still on the way of my options and it is my job to catch it. My mom want me to take the electrical course two years ago. In silence, I broke the command. I’m not sure of all the details, except one, she don’t trust me with my abilities. I never blamed her, it was my fault when I was in the school time. I am the one in my families who gave her the very bad resulted.


                I don’t talk to any strangers before, even girls. I never care how do they look, the cute or sexy one, I didn’t because it was my rule. But as long as I lived in the big city, I realized it ain’t give me anything. So I decided to broke my own rule, and I did, it’s broken. Now as you see, I am the friends to anyone. I befriending with anyone over the world. By then, my mind had been opened to a whole new things. Even I knew everyone, I don’t talk too much to them. I only did with my girl, only her. Perhaps to some peoples, what is the story here is, it is so weird, but it’s the truth. I am not the story tellers. When I say something to someone, I’ll told them the truth, it was because I am not story maker. 

I don’t talk to any strangers before, even girls. I never care how do they look, the cute or sexy one, I didn’t because it was my rule. But as long as I lived in the big city, I realized it ain’t give me anything. So I decided to broke my own rule, and I did, it’s broken. Now as you see, I am the friends to anyone. I befriending with anyone over the world. By then, my mind had been opened to a whole new things. Even I knew everyone, I don’t talk too much to them. I only did with my girl, only her. Perhaps to some peoples, what is the story here is, it is so weird, but it’s the truth. I am not the story tellers. When I say something to someone, I’ll told them the truth, it was because I am not story maker.


 I liked to write down everything in here. It was like my childhood, my memories, you know? Every time I read a book, it’s like the author stole a part of me that I thought only I knew. Someday I’m gonna write a book and I’ll do it to somebody else. It is the one kind of strange. Actually I’m not a good one in writing the book but what I can do is, – poetry. Two or three months after I wrote, I thought that was the cool one, because I made by my own. It was just can use only the beautiful words to put in there. But in the book, like this book, I could use anything I want. I already know, as far as I write the book, soon I’ll discover that author is nothing like me. In my dreams, I wish somebody will write a book about me. It’s weird right? That was because I could keep it when I being an old man someday.


                I’ll be honest. I had this girl, her name was Yaya. She’s the only girl I had, I take her for mine. One day Silencer read in his stars that he was gonna fall in love with a woman in purple. So he went out looking all day long and he found one. One months later, they were in relationships. Two months later, he broke up with the woman in purple. There were a secret of reasons that I keep personally. He seemed so distant and sad, at this very moment, still looking for the woman in purple. Figures he just got the wrong one. The next day I traced the reasons why it could happened. In the end of the day, I found it and keep it personally.


                As the book pages turn on and on, I keep writing all night long. The clock keeps turning, showed eleven fifteen on the screen. But Silencer’s eyes was still opened wild, while texting to his girl - Yaya. After nine months they were broke up, they were changed the same status as before. So he told her the stories, about everything happened in the past. Silencer doesn’t know if she believed in him or not, it was all up to her. It was in the words he spoke, when I found out what her name was, maybe it was just a coincidence. I mean, a name is just a name and a number is just a number, isn’t it? I loved her.


                I started having terrible nightmares. It was coming onto me. Night after night I got shot from the someone I knew. It’s going round and around my brain. That dreams made me insane. Like time is gonna kill me, time is a gentleman. Time is just a counting system, numbers with meaning attached to them. It was like the time counting of my life, the bullets is everywhere, waiting it fallen down to blow Silencer’s body. At this point, I don’t need to tell you how terrible when the death come closer to me.


What was driving me insane? Silencer should have realized the truth. He know some people would call him an insane – ‘but please don’t give up with me,’ said him to her girl. It wasn’t the happiest of ending, it wasn’t an ending at all.


Just now, I started feel how hard my course going’s. One of my brothers is an electrical and electronics engineer. He asking me why did I don’t take the course like him took. Perhaps he want me to take over the business he had built, my mom too. What if mom was right? What if I would be a better one in the electrical than aviation? What if I was the guy with nothing and something? Sounds like a lot of what ifs, right? Chapter nine – you can call me Silencer, but my real name is Nik, Nik Hasif Nik Hasbollah. What you have read so far is not the whole things I put. I once read that the only philosophical question that matters to recall back my old time. I guess that makes me a philosopher, or I have to be an engineer? Some choices are easy, some aren’t. Those are the really important ones, the one that define us as people. Six years ago I made the wrong choice, guide me along the wrong path. I need to put it right and not just for my sake. To die there in the street would have been easy, but it wouldn’t have been justice. At least not the justice the fathers teach their sons about. It wasn’t the happiest of endings when I was in that pathway. I was right, Silencer was in danger. I just didn’t realize the danger was me. But now, I changed the pathway from left side to right side, and we can go on living my lives. It’s only a matter of time. Of course the time is a counting system, number with meaning attached to them, isn’t? Someday you’ll be found out what the meaning is. 

Friday, May 18, 2012

Kau Kekuatanku

Aku, ibuku & abangku

Dengan sakit pedihnya
Bertikam nyawa sediri
Detik gentir yang amat
Melahirkan aku ke dunia
Tanpa erti penat jemu
Kau jaga dengan belaian
Walau hati terbelenggu
Akan payahmu dulu kala

Saat hati kecilku berbicara
Akan kepayahanmu dahulu
Mengalir tangisan seketika
Mengenangkan dirimu oh ibu
Tanpa jelak kau mengajarku
Kau dukung kau cium dahiku
Rindunya aku pada ciumanmu
Kerna takkan kulupamu ibu

Sabarmu tiada tandingannya
Kau pujuk saatku menangis
Kau jagaku dikala aku sakit
Sesekali ternampak air matamu
Jernih... Tak sanggupku tatapi
Kau tanamkan aku semangat
Tanganmu dihulurkan kalaku rebah
Kaulah segalanya ibuku sayang

Aku diribaan ibu tercinta...

Kasihmu pada anak amat mulia
Cintamu pada anak bermata
Tak seperti cinta yang buta
Kau menjadi kekuatanku selalu
Kau insan yang tidak diragui
Kau bersinar bagai permata
Laksana bidadari syurga
Kau kekuatan dan semangatku.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Split In Two

If anyone looked in my heart
Only pieces they would see
And I know that for all time
That's the way its going to be
For since the day I lost you
My heart was broke from pain
And I know it will stay that way
Like us as the mirror split in two.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Titisan Di Senja Hari

Di tepian pantai yang menawan
Gulungan ombak memecahi pasir
Tersungkur aku walau melawan
Di tepian itu juga aku terdampar

Senja menyingsing perlahan-lahan
Mentari pergi dan aku terpinggir
Pelabuhan senja itu menjadi tatapan
Yang hatiku rasa kini hanya hambar

Berhari sudah aku dilamun kepahitan
Menantikan pengganti teramat sukar
Dan aku bukanlah pula menantikan bulan
Kerna yang pastinya engkau akan hadir

Titisan air mataku bak hujan keguguran
Kepuraan kasihmu padaku adalah kucar
Pelayaran dilautan sudahpun ketandusan
Dan kasih cintaku padamu kini kian pudar.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Mencari Cahaya

Detik perkenalan mencari berbagai cara
Agar dapat apa yang dimimpikan kita
Detik bersama semuanya indah belaka
Apa yang kita tiada, jadinya semua ada

Mutiara kata yang dikau ucapkan dulu-kala
Tanpa ragu aku percaya dan terus percaya
Sesekali terfikir kadangnya amat istimewa
Dalam hati itu semuanya buatku terpersona

Sayapku kini patah dihempap kata-kata
Tak lagi aku berdaya melintasi angkasa
Dinodai kata cinta yang tak pasti darinya
Melebarkan sayap terus cuba lepasinya

Apakah bisa aku terbang di atas semula
Tebar sangatkah sayapku ini bila di sana
Tercari-cari jalan yang penuh mewarna
Terang-benderang bak sinaran purnama.