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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Love of A Lifetime

I was just sitting here thinking
That the time was right for us
Took our time, live our own lives
And I wish that may all come true

I finally found the love of a lifetime
A love to last my whole life through
With you I never ever wonder
You'll be forever in my heart

With every kiss our love may renewed
Still we both know that the road is long
The stars in the sky was made for me and you
That I know I finally found my forever love.

Friday, March 22, 2013

The Light of My Life

I've been flying with a broken wings
I was in love with a broken heart
Erasing pains inside ain't too easy
Everything I do, anywhere I go

Pains are only a tale of misery
Fallen tears, damaged my thought
Every morning the sun will arise
But inside me was nothing difference

But when I was in your arms
And our lips touched together
I could feel the love of your heart
You're the light of my life

You lighted up my daily life
Underneath our bed that night
I want your love oh my angel
You're the light of my life.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

You're My Angel

Did you know I was so lonely till' I found you
Wonder why the right lady never come
My world is changing, now I've found you
The only one who could make me happy

I still remember the night I was with you
It was a quite night and I would be alright
Hold you tight, touches your lips and kissed you
And we had a great moment in bed

I've been waiting for the right woman
I've been searching for an angel
In between in the dark and in the light
Oh sure you are an angel I'm looking for

Oh baby I just need you, be my guide
Can you feel my heart? It's on you
I've lost you once, would you be mine again?
But I shall return though I'm losing myself. 

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I'll Stay

Everyday I think about you
All the time crazy for you
I feel you deep in my heart
Sell my soul only just for you

Your body moves, we feel like one
I want you now more than ever
But then could it be that easy
After all you've said to me, oh why?

You broke my confidence
Took it all, why can't you see
Makes no difference, to you it seems
What happens to me

One way to face, what is true
Life goes on, what else can I do
In my thoughts you'll always be
The only one who could make me happy

Oh darl, you can't use me
Then just up and leave me
And then who will there be 
That can love you like me

I'm not leaving, I didn't leave you
You know I'm gonna make you mine
Your heart is in mine now, I'll stay
How can I'm gonna leave and run.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Island of Hopes

Let me tell you a story
About a thing that I've through
One night wondering on an island
I had one great night but no more

I was rambling, enjoying the bright moonlight
Gazing up at the stars with a girl I loved
A couple of time we were slept on the beach
Not aware it was a midnight time

Feeling cold and it fell to my knees
Held her fingers and she slept in my arms
Then something took me to an unholy place
And that is where I fell in the heaven of world

The time came to reunite both of our heart
I didn't know if I was in reality or fantasy
Cos our heart has been defeated from it
I was numb with fear but still wanna go on

My breath breathed like hell
Faster than the wind but behind I didn't glance
One thing that I did not dare was
Was to pushed it straight ahead

When we're awoke from our sleep
When we're awoke from our bed
And we woke up from our dreams
Still together in the bright moonlight

To this day I guess I'll never know
Just why she don't want to make it right
But I'll never go find somebody else
Now only time will tell and send me hopes.

Friday, March 1, 2013

When I'm Gone

It's early morning, not quite awake
The urge is calling and I can't wait
I need you now, oh my diamond.
Your body moves, we feel like one
You open your eyes and I feel so strong
I want you now, more than ever

You laugh when I cry
I'm beginning to see the reason why
Don't go thinking I'll never leave
'Cause you won't be laughing
You won't believe but you better believe

When I'm gone baby, gone
Who's gonna hold you
From dark until dawn
And who will there be
That can love you like me
When I'm gone...

The promise I made to love you forever
But before I'm gone I wanna hear you
Said you really loved me and gonna miss me
The only one who could make me happy

Oh! You can't use me
Then just up and leave
You got it wrong
You better believe
If I walk out that door
It's forever
There's no turning back

When I'm gone baby, gone
Who will you turn to
When you need someone
Who will be there to love you
Do what I do
When I'm gone...