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Saturday, July 31, 2010

If All Were Rain And Never Sun

If all were rain and never sun,
No bow could span the hill;
If all were sun and never rain,
There'll d be no RAINBOW still.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

That One Night

The night was glimmer
A shining full moon moved to purple dark glow
The skylark flown cross the wind
The rain falling so fast
Make the water stagnant in these green Earth
In this unlucky Wednesday
On the 7th July night
I laid down my body
Embrace my own body in a shivering cold

A few minutes later
An old man with the gun came and said :
"Are you having a nice time"?
"Get out of here, this is a dangerous place"...
"Go with peaceful and don't come back"
"You will see a white signboard"
"There's has a underground house"
"And there'll be good girls and boys".

I nodded and walked away slowly
I looked back
An old man fell down to the ground
A jar of blood was flowing out
A black horseman stared at me
I ran out and, bang...
I was shot and died.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Sign of Nature That They're Smarter Than Human

The clouds is still running, 
Running and running again
High up in the blue sky
Moving without any doubt
Although the trap moving on
Like the wind blew it away
They still could broke free.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Hanyalah mimpi semata-mata
Dan aku...
Dalam diam menggubah puisi ini
Tapi, adakah itu aku?
Atau, adakah itu kamu?
Mimpi ini sentiasa berterusan
Lalu menjadi kenyataan
Maka dengan itu...
Aku perlu melakukan yang terbaik!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

You Got Everythings What You Need

The child lay on the yellow sands
Got nothing to do
Sometimes the tears flowing out of their eyes
Shouted, calling their mama

"Mama, mama", this is a fool
Shouting, screaming... What kind of lives is it?
They got the blood on their lips, ears and the body

And some guys close them slowly
Schutzhelme, spectacle, walkie-talkie
Walking with a full face of cruelty
With the gun on their pockets

America, America
Please, hear us when call
You got great artists
You got Bermuda
You got guns on your hands
You got freedom of speech
You got great beaches and malls
And I knew the English dudes was kind to us
But now an Englishman abroad is just a US stooge

So take this child and hold them closely
Take this child to the moral high ground
Where they can look down on the bigots and bully boys
Slugging it out in the yard.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Land of Blood

What kind of sound
I think I can hear
The guns and bullets calling
I really know
You would be falling
You wouldn't need to breath
In these sinner air

This day'll be grey
So take my advice
And wait for the dawning
Wait for the blood out of death 
Tomorrow morning
This's look seems tragic
So you don't need to stay in this land
But you can live at the highest place
In space to rest and stay.


Oh Happy day...

Thursday, July 8, 2010


I'm gonna be your chief
Just relax
I'm not gonna hurt you

Is this good for me?
Aahhh, waiting for the long time
And now my desire will be true
But when? Who know's?
T707 E-power


Oh T707, come here
I want touch you
I want to use you
And I just want you!

Hello, Is This Your Potrait?

There's an empty old house, 
At the edge of the river mouth
He enter in and look around
He look a few of potrait at the wall

He took it down
Gazing at the potrait of her
Sometimes his brain turns around
To think that is he know her

He hold it closely
He carve a little smile
And now
He is waiting a miracles to happen.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Life Is Like A Novel

Open it slowly
Watching carefully
They've got a bag of elements
Suspens, frustration, happiness
Page by page
Then done
The novel is closed
And now no thought to thinking

This is like a life
A jar of barricade or troubles
That we faced and will be face
When the time has come
No tears to cry
All sucked dry
Down to the very last breath
And these eyes will close forever
And our life is over

Compare it
Novels and lives
What did you got after you finished the novels?
Or what did you got when you live?

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Membina, Bukan Menghabiskan

Dari mana kita berasal?
Kenapa kita berada disini?
Kemana kita akan pergi?
Pabila kita mati?

Jikalau kita mati esok hari
Apakah kita baik-baik sahaja?
Bertahun dahulu
Aku takut untuk mati
Kerana aku fikir
Mati itu adalah pengakhiran
Tapi itu adalah sebelum ini
Aku tidak lagi takut
Banyak lagi yang akan ku lalui
Selepas mati
Dan aku tahu
Bahawa aku masih perlu mencuba
Kamu juga....

Sekarang kita disini  
"Bukan untuk menghabiskan kehidupan
Tetapi untuk membina kehidupan",
"AKHIRAT"  kelak.