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Friday, August 17, 2012

King of Terror

Risen of the King of Terror
By his tongue he seduce a great troops
Anybody who keep talking about them
Will get caught and tortured

Injustice in the country
Hidden everything in behind
Peoples wake up from sleep
And they will swim in blood

Money is a root of evil nowadays
From the blood of one of the victims
Spreading promises which is empty
And keep telling all the lies around

What is right would be the wrong
Who was right would be to blamed
Justice is a subject in this phrases
Forced them to get out of parliament.!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Labuhan Mimpi

Satu malam sebelum terbitnya fajar
Dalam lena aku dibuai keenakan
Hampir separa malam aku belayar
Namun terkandas jua di pusaran

Secara tiba mimpi datang berlabuh
Menunjukkan aku pada satu petunjuk
Ku tolak ia agar pergi jauh
Namun tak pergi malah pelik dan unik

Aku akur pada pemberian Ilahi
Lenyap dari pandangan separa
Linang air mata basahi pipi
Tak lagi bisa aku berpura

Ku hubungkan duniaku ke dunianya
Tersemai persahabatan yang elok
Syukur aku dikenalkan tahfiz muda
Segala kongsian ilmu tak pula kekok

Gugup jantung pinta ampunan Yang Esa
Mengenang dosa lampau nan kegelapan
Dia pertunjukkan jalan yang lurus padaNya
Agar kembali taat dan sujud pada Tuhan.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Freedom & Justice!

There's nothing to judge by the color
And nothing to win by hating each other
No right to speak and no right to fight
Nothing's change if we still stay that way

The poor is always be the same
While the rich keep winning their game
And who are we?
It's a mystery but still human being

Racist bastard still having to say
Are there to judge by the color?
Are there to win by hating each other
It cause fight racism and we must unite

Doesn't matter if you black or white
It's not your color that makes it right
Open up your eyes and see at your country
That big brothers turn their backs on us

It's not disorder that we want
And yet it is no anarchy
We need freedom and justice
We want to be free like the flying bird.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Finally Fall

You came into my life
My world suddenly turns crazy
But now everything was changed
You're not someone I know like before

You left me behind with one shot
I may never find all the answer
I may never understand why
The times are changing fast

Perfectly clear how the pain was
Broken heart, of course it was
But it's alright for me right now
Because I am no longer here on earth

Screaming in frustration
My dream is my dream
I'll scream and I'll scream
Writing the story of a life I didn't know

Burning inside, the lights go down
The sacred fire is spreading over the body
Destroying all, so hard to seen
I finally fall to the ground...

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Losing Love

See the man with a broken heart
Walking in the darkest street
Don't know what she done to him
All I know the time has taken everything

Am I gonna cry? still missing you
Am I gonna wasting my time? No more
Rebirth, still fresh like before
As the sun comes out from the day

Who are we, it is a mystery
But I know who I am
Someone who losing in love
Past give me happiness and pain

The game never ends
Go on without saying
Driven blindly by our sins
And I'm ready for shaking hands.