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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Wings of Love

When I'm close to you, I feel my heartbeat
Telling me that you're the one for me
Darling, I don't understand the reasons
I just know that this was meant to be

And when I look into your eyes I see it
Everything that I've been searching for
Darling, I don't understand this feeling
I just know it's growing more and more

Because I'm falling in love with you
But you say you're not the one for me
Maybe that I am just a dreamer
So I try to make my dreams come true

I lie awake at night and think about you
I wake up to another lonely day
Searching for the answers under the moonlight
All I see is just my shadow is in love with you

Hold on to your dreams
Learn how to fly to believe me
Hold on to your dreams
Wings of love, I fly you one day.

Friday, January 18, 2013


All that you love
All that you hate
All that you feel
All you distrust

All that you let
All that you save
All that you see
All you lie

All that you buy
All that you sold
All that you deal
All you think

And all you create
And all you destroy
And everyone you meet
And everyone you fight

All that is now
All that is gone
All that is to come
All that is your heart.

Coretan Hari Lahirmu

Ke langit tinggi ingin kugapai
Ke lurah bumi ingin kugali
Dunia penuh berjalan dan berlari
Mengembara dalam onak dan duri

Kini tiba hari kemunculanmu ke dunia
Harimu hariku tiada bezanya kita
Penghulu segala hari kita dicipta
Punyai intisari walau sekadar cerita

Hari ini hari lahirmu pada yang kutuju
Yang tak juga dilupai oleh ayah dan ibu
Untukmu kulukiskan sebuah coretan
Tanda ingatan saat bisa lagi bersapa

Detik ini mentari menari
Diselimuti awan kelabu
Kucoretkan ini pada Rabu
Apakah esok terus berjerebu

Selamat Hari Lahir pada insan sana
Berhati-hati melayari bahtera dewasa
Kerana kini penuh liku-liku walau di utara
Dan setiap langkahmu akan ku iring doa.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Send Me A Sign

Snow keeps falling down
From grace in the dark
Frozen tears in silent cries
Sadness, now color the battle field
All around, life is passing by
Falling from my eyes
Like a raindrop from the skies
Falling from my eyes

So Send me a Sign
Just a way to explain
Tell me what I can do
I'm turning insane
So Send me a Sign
Show me what I should do
Only one wish to tell
A word sincerely signed just for you

Winter paved my way, couldn't see nor believe
I watched the snow highlighting my grief
Sadness, I long for the sun to shine
Please melt the ice wrapped around my heart
Falling from my eyes
Like a raindrop from the skies
Falling from my eyes

So Send me a Sign
Just a way to explain
Tell me what I can do
I'm turning insane

So Send me a Sign
Show me what I should do
Only one wish to tell
A word sincerely signed just for you.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Another Light

It's been a long time since our last saw each other
We were together when we were young
The time and distance has separated us 
Time flies and now I can see you again

Life's seems strange to me since you come back
And it's so hard to trying to say that I love you
Now I know that I can get one more chance
So I don't want to spend too much time for waiting

I want you to come back and be my light again
I am reaching for you, are you feeling it too?
We were getting older but it is not too late
If I knock at your door, will you open it to me?

Sunday, January 6, 2013


I fall asleep and dream a dream
I'm floating in a silent dream
There is a hole up in the sky
Staring to the Unicorn with the wings in the air
And take me away into the circle of invisible

Riding sky in a world of hallucination
Entering the gates of Dreamland
Let me fly beyond my dreams
To the land that set me free to live
But it is just a game I rather play

Come with me and I'll take you there
Hold my hand and don't let me alone
Let me know if you also want to go
Cos' there's a place for you and me
Together we fall on the wing of destiny

In my dreams I see you come to me
But dreams can change and I'll be lonely
You such an angel without wings to me
Nightmare perhaps but it is not a dream
Now I'm a stranger in your eyes, forever

Sometimes the memory of the past comes
Watching of my old loves that been vanished
Feels like fallen from the bridge of the sky
I want to scream, a broken heart still bleeds
I will never hear she call my name, again

Someone else has come into my life
But never be mine, only her shadow
What would you say if I tell you now
There's no easy way, it gets harder each day
Please give me a sign and show me the way

Inside of her beautiful heart and soul
There's a thick wall with two doors
One was to be hated, one to be loved
'Loved door' has been locked safely
Will I found the key to unlock that door

All I see is a future full of fear
Will I have a chance to try to get you
As I stand here in the Dreamland
All my love I bring is just for you
Together we create our own destiny

But just like the birds in the sky
I am flying so high, alone to anywhere
Without making any kind of sacrifice
Nobody cares and it's always the same
And I am the one who's to blame

Now I'm here and don't wanna go back
Cos' I always can dream about you
I want to fly and I want to be free
Let me just fly with my own way
I won't hide but try to run away from you

I don't mind to fly away to dreamland
The breeze is so cold and I'm feeling free
I don't mind to say goodbye if I had to
To stay or leave is just an easy choice
I don't mind and I would not refuse

From the dark I watch you go away
Everything I had now will be gone at soon
The roads I'd taken seemed all mistaken
In the morning I'll walk through the green fields
I'm not staying here, will you wait for me forever?

Just like the motion of an ocean
Sometimes I go too far away
And when the tidal wave broke the beach
My dream seems broken and crashes
It steal my beautiful world of fantasy

The skies are burning and sun is rising
The dream is gone and slowly fading
Spinning around and leaving no trace
And I am flying back to my home
End of the journey, it won't be seen anymore

If I tell you someday soon, is it too late?
Did I tell you, it's a good place for restless soul
I haven't been here before, up in the sky
The place I could release all the sorrows
Now that I must try to leave it all behind.