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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Kapal Terbang

Kapal terbang …
Kau adalah burung besi yang perkasa
Melebarkan sayapmu dengan bebas 
Membawa kami kepada awan putih
Kutatapi dari jendela kecil
Betapa besar jasamu terhadap manusia
Tak pernah lelah membawa keliling Dunia
Terbang melayang di angkasa raya
Tubuhmu yang besar dan gagah
Dengan berani melintasi lautan dan gunun-ganang
Walaupun terkadang kau juga tertimpa musibah
Itulah takdir yang tak bisa di cegah

Kapal terbang…
Kau adalah hasil perkembangan ilmu dan teknologi
Kau juga dibuat oleh anak Negeri
Karya putra bangsa pimpinan Pak Habibie
Sebagai persembahan pada Ibu Pertiwi
Aku sering membayangkan tentang dirimu
Seandainya aku bisa duduk di kepalamu
Tapi itu hanyalah angan-angan dan mimpiku
Karena aku tak mampu
Biarpun hanya khayalan 
Aku tetap punya semangat
Cita- citaku setinggi langit
Aku ingin menjadi seorang Pilot.

One-On-One Skirmish in War

Lend me a crushed ear,
A juicy smear of dermis, and
I shall blast ye of your world
Upon a barrel furnace
Flaring orange of an instant!

Now first, please rip apart my being:
Sunder me oh! plunder please the
Writhing flesh upon my bones and
Leave it naught of
Living life – kill to
Bleeding cinders; embers of an ex.

Recuperation? Never! no!
Otherwise to suffer minds –
Bowels and all to wither
Aren’t on offer –

Only desperate tears to flee! Now
Let me in and I’ll remove
Your rhythmic timer – the
Pumping tinderbox to feed
A vox humana pleading for its life;
The reaper’s chimer

Sees you burn,
Hears you spurn your soul –
Your screaming head – top flesh;
Dead mesh – mesh of death! No
Breath from breast! No
Beat or heat from rising ribs –
How neat, the meat in
Death together!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

HITLER - The Rise of Evil

 Adolf Hitler

It was just before dawn
One miserable morning in black forty-four
When the forward corporal gave command post
October 1919 he started his first speeches
The C said that the pride is a weapon
While the Germans said how come we lost war?
The next one that we fight will end in victory

He had the dream
To hear the screams
of a million aching men
Sold himself with rhetoric
The nightmare soon began

Hypnotized and blind to lies
A people showed no pity
Captured towns and vandalized
A thousand helpless cities
Tortured, gassed and served starvation
To a gentle peaceful nation
And the whole world stared as if not to care
With not one thought of aggravation

Brought every human into war
Louder voice to screaming and give command
To all every single nation
And the all brothers lost.
The torture to the sister.
All because the madness of the wicked
And he is the rise of the evil.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Dramatic of Sounds - A Song To A Daddy

Come hold me now
I am not gone
I wouldn't leave you here alone
Is this that come?
Without me today
But I can still hear your voice come
In deeping of my heart

As the days of the year roll by
There's one that brings a single tear to a daddy's eye
Cause I'm so happy
To be your son
Today, forever and I'll tell you why

It's your birthday (2X)
My prince of my world
It's your birthday (2X)
My warrior
It's your birthday (2X)
Oh my lovely dad
Happy birthday to you.

On the July morning, it's Monday
As the sun shown up the day
It comes with your birthday
And I glad to stayed with you
But daddy, forgive me
Cause I can't be with you today
Oh daddy, please forgive me
Forgive me, cause' today

It's your birthday (2X)
My prince of my world
It's your birthday (2X)
My warrior
It's your birthday (2X)
Oh my lovely dad
Happy birthday (2X)
Happy birthday to you.

And I smile like a full of joy
But my heart, deeping my heart are crying, crying...
It comes true
But papa... Happy birthday to you.

[Nik's voice]

Happy birtday to you
I love you daddy
I love you
Goodbye dad.