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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Leaving Asahan

I handed her the keys to the motorcycle
We motored down to Tangkak with EX5
I sat down at the back seat
Climb the hill on the road
The road is hard, hard and long
Dropping me at the bus station
While I wearing pale blue jeans and Dream Theater black shirt
I found the words and talked to her
Laughed, yelling and smiled each other
And fingered her while she focused on her driving
She smiled, and so do I
We stucked in traffic jam for a few minutes
Then parked the bike in front of the bazaar
I saw the police turned on the sirens
Everybody watched and figured it out bout' what happened
One of em' got out and gave a noticed to some cars
I fingered my girl, handshaked and waves goodbye

So we left Tangkak town and I
She headed east to Asahan and the rest of it
I set out North
I walked the four or five miles to the last of the street lamps
And hunkered in the curb side dusk
In no great hope at the ramshackle procession of leaving home
An ancient bus 'Cepat Sedia'
The ubiquitous at South, shared buses drew up
I turned out my pockets and gave a ticket at the driver
I walked passes and took my seat at the back beside the Chinese girl
"Hello" she said and smile
"Hello" I smiled and nodded
And got in small talked between strangers
The driver turned an engine on
I stooped to look inside at the two men there
One besuited, bespectacled, moustached, irritated, distant, late
The other, the one who had spoken,
Frail, fifty five-ish, bald, sallow, in a dark blue sleeved pale black cotton shirt
With one biro in the breast pocket
A clerk maybe, slightly sunken in the seat

And some miles later the bus slowed in the middle of the freeway
I stucked again, bad traffic jam
Hundred cars on there, could be thousands maybe
While the sun going down in the sunset
So I used to looked outside
Seeing the huge accident where's seven or eight cars are involved on it
Mercedes, Protons, Perodua, Toyota and so on
After half an hour we'd arrived
When on the right I made out the low profile of a TBS building
A man soft voice called out in Malay to announced our arrival
I stood up in the middle of the walkway in the bus
The driver opened the door, pulled out my bag and got out

So I headed to Putra World Trade Centre
Took the RLT Ampang line for about 35 minutes to reach there
Bought two tickets to Jertih, one for me and the other for my future fiance
I watched the old man beggar sat down in the corner of the RLT station gate
I handed him the money
He said in Malay "Terima kasih" while nodded
Then I set off to TBS station agained
I saw two men talked louder, Albanian maybe
They talked excitedly and it make me smiled
And after a while, I reached there
And proceed to ERL, the fast train to Salak Tinggi
I sat beside an officer with green coats and biro in the breast pocket
With the rucksacks, three bags in front of him
I turned on my acer and connected the wifi
Checked out the mails and updated my status in social network
Then I shut the lappy off
Took my things and got out from the fast train
And my friends already waited for me at outside of the station
And off we went, they drove me home.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Thank You Whoever You Are

What a time this is
Everything changing
Faster than the eye can blink
Faster than we can stop & think
What will the future hold?
Well whatever..

I won't ask you to care
But say you'll be there
If you can't love me tonight
Just remember the light
Remember the light

Thank you whoever you are
Thank you

If we get half of half a chance
We'll party til' dawn
We'll run and dance
Sleep on a train & rent a car
We'll gamble in the South of France
We'll be a friend to this mad world
Happy together

Thank you whoever you are
Thank you

Monday, May 9, 2011

Oh Ibu...

Ibu, kamulah insan yang aku sayangi 
biarpun ada onak dan duri didalamnya...

Jikalau aku boleh memberimu berlian
Untuk setiap air matamu 

Yang menangis gugur layu untukku
Jikalau aku bisa mengsafirkan lima untukmu
Untuk setiap kebenaran 

Yang sudahpun kamu menolongiku lihat
Jikalau aku boleh memberi anda rubi
Untuk hati pedih yang kau kenali ini
Jikalau aku bisa memberimu mutiara
Kerana hikmat yang telah ditunjukkan

Lantas akan kamu miliki harta, ibu,
Yang terus menerus meningkat sampai ke langit
Bahawa hampir semua akan berpadanan
Percikan kebaikan dan mata kasih sayang

Tapi aku tak punya mutiara, tak punya berlian,
Seperti yang aku yakin kau juga sedari
Jadi akanku berikan hadiah yang lebih berharga

Pengabdianku, cinta dan sayangku
Terhadapmu wahai Ibu tersayang.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Loner

The Loner

I know my friend you are alone
Like me sometimes
But... you know?
I'm searching beauty
And my hopes...
In stars...
In flowers...
In snow...

The stars are lightning in my sky

The flowers are shining at me

The snow is cleaning all my mind

My secret it's the sea

When I'm alone I can swim
I'm flying far away
It's so much light in all my dreams
And if I want to play
I'm going to the moon tonight
And I'll steal a star
I'll make a diamond in your life
For you and what you are

Don't cry my friend
And don't be sad
Look! Now we are together
And we will fine a new life
Only for us... forever..!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Mantera Azimat Kata

Menyelami pengertian puisi
Kedalaman maksud tersirat
Sukar ditafsir bagi seseorang
Ukiran yang indah tercipta
Dinding jiwa dipenuhi tulisan
Tersingkap 1001 makna
Dipenuhi segenap memori silam
Yang telah lama dimamah waktu
Yang beredar berhari-hari
Beredar tanpa kata akhir

Mantera yang terbentang luas
Diselaputi ukiran perjanjian
Jari-jemari menari keriangan
Dilingkari corak puitis kata
Disinari azimat cogan kata
Aku berjanji setia dengannya
Tika' mentari terbenam pergi
Aku berjanji bersatu bersama
Tiada kasih tiada perjanjian
Sumpah setia termenterai 
Diiringi bayu yang bertiup
Tersemat rasa hasrat harapan 
Kini kian terserlah nan doa
Tersimpan dalam hikayat sendiri
Ilham dan inspirasi mata hati
Gubahan tulisan tersusun rapi
Indah nan berbunga dan bersinar
Mengemuka kisah dan ceritera
Dalam gubahan kata tersendiri.