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Monday, November 28, 2011

The Answer Lies Inside

I can see the hurt behind your smile
For every sign I recognize
Let me be the one to know you best
Let me be the one to hold you up
Let me be the one who understand

Did you know I've lost my way?
Did you feel the pain inside of me?
If I die tomorrow I'll be all right
I used to be frightened of dying
I used to think death was the end

I may never find all the answer
I would never understand why
But I always wish you were here
Someone who can walk beside me
Catch and lock me into your heart

It looks like a long way to lift up
It looks like I am coming to stay
How can I hurt you that way
It's the eyes that let me down
I couldn't hide behind what's real

I don't want to be a dreamer again
Cause I can't running away from you
It was just the only pain I felt
Only the lies what's underneath it
And it was the moment that I led

Please don't let the day go by
Just please don't let it end
I'll know whatever you decide
And I can see the hurt in our eyes
When all our dreams seem broken

And summon all your ghost to me
How long on the longest day
Till we finally make it through
The pain inside me got no escape
Just walking with my own shadows.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Secarik Hirisan Kalbu

Dua jiwa manusia yang merasakan mereka menyertai
Cinta meletakkan kegembiraan dan keseronokan bersama
Dan kesedihan mencelah bagi sebahagiannya
Cinta itu membuatkan kita merindui seseorang
Jauh di sudut hati, sebenarnya dia hampir pada kita

Cinta kekadang membuatkan kita emosi
Cinta itu ilusi, sekadar sebuah naskah cinta
Cinta kekadang terhalang dan dihalang
Mungkin kerana kesempitan masa dan hidup
Atau mungkin oleh jarak, tapi tidak di jiwa

Masa berputar bagai mentari yang mengelilingi bumi ini
Yang tidak pernah kenal akan erti kelelahan dan jemu
Dan kerana waktu terpisah jua kita di laluan berbeza
Biarpun hanya sementara perjalanan ini diteruskan
Namun aku kesunyian, keseorangan menanti dirimu

Menunggui masa datang tiba pada hari penantian
Sekian lama menanti dan terus menantikan dirimu
Sehari-hari kian mengubah jiwa dan personaliti
Tercari-cari bayangan cinta kasih sucimu itu
Karena aku mencintaimu selamanya...

Monday, November 21, 2011

Soldier of Holy Smoke

We took them into our life
The thing that could kill us
We think it was good for us
But they are all just the killers

We willing to spend the money
We felt like dying and dead
When they're not around us
We fire ourselves and get us killed

Day after day you burn them
Like the sun burns the earth
And night after night you bought
Like you burn your money's out

Put in the mouth and fire
You inhale and exhale the smoke
The pain, the hurt and the decay
Then you lost and cigarettes won.

 CAUTION  : Smoking is bad for health.

Best Gift I Ever Took

One year down without realize
Many more to go to get on top
And I wish in this beautiful day
Happy first anniversary, just begun

Time flies when we're having fun
Together we through the year
Breaking day with love and kind
Immortal without any matters

We live each day like it's our anniversary
Everyday with you it's fun and merry
Today is just a day like any other to us
So we don't have to make a lot of big fuss

Even though you're my greatest treasure
You'll try to give a gift of a equal measure
At the end of the day, it will be your look
That continues the best give I ever took.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

End of Time

Everybody's waiting for something to happen
Everybody's waiting for something to see
Everyone’s want to ride for the flight
Everyone's waiting for news on TV

Rain lives at the end of the rainbow
The lightning shone across the sky
Everyone's looking, but no one is listening
Everybody wants to be in at the kill

Everyone's searching, but nothing's revealing
Everyone's looking for the reason why
Everyone's hoping for life everafter
Everyone's looking at death from the sky

Everyone's nightmares are going to happen
Everybody's ripping the mask from their eyes
Everyone's praying but no one's believing
Everyone's heroes tell everyone's lies

I wait for the signs
They tell me true
I see the signs of the end
In the eyes of the dead

So I watch and I waiting
And I pray for an answer
An end to the strife and the world's misery
But the end never came
And we're digging the graves
And we're loading the guns for the kill
Can the end be at hand?

Friday, November 11, 2011

We Were Soldiers

There is no one will save you
There is no one will give you their hands
The colors doesn't change
And the sky will stand stayed

In the night you're dreaming
Lying down in your death bed
And you screaming in your dream
And so you go to war

For the passion, for the glory
For the memories, for the money
You're a soldier, I'm a soldier
We are the soldiers of war

We fly a flag in the battlefield
We scream, shouting and applause
From cold bloody war
Fight for our land

The troopers with their guns
Standing tall with the pride
Getting ready to blow us wide
At the gate's of hell!

The water is red
With the blood of the dead
And we're still alive
But they returned to their grave

For the passion, for the glory
For the memories, for the money
We're a soldier, for our country
We are the soldiers of bloody war.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

This Is Malaysia

There is more things are hidden in earth
To this day that we never know
The eastern country in eastern sea
Our land of birth, Malaysia

The war killed men and women
Day by day just murdering and killing
Hostages got shot and killed
And they lost everything

But now we are the champion
We are free, victory and glorious
By the men that fucking our land
With the bloody helped of warriors

Now we got the soldiers in here
Keeping safe the country from foe
So do I, same as the others
I am a soldier of war

My fucking families died in that war
I liked it better when we were together
Only dancing with my own shadows
And I flew far away across the years

I will return to this land
Rebuild where the ruins did stand
There’s a demon still set free
Lead the country as president

My fatherland is in my heart
And I would stand up for them
No more games they could play
No more war and this is Malaysia.